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TruHeight® Hat
Hudson Q.
Perfect for my daughter

Got a boyish daugther that loves black stuff so bought the black color for her, and was not dissappointed. She likes it a lot. Noticed the quality is good too so huge plus for that. Thanks!

TruHeight® Hat
Easton U.
My son loves it

I bought the hat for my son, and he loves it! The fit is just right and the beige color looks great on him. Its become his favorite hat, and he wears it everywhere

Minimalist and stylish

Im all about that minimalist look, and this hat nails it. The design is simple but stylish, and it fits perfectly. The beige color is great because it matches with almost everything I own.

TruHeight® Hat
Jovaniee Q
Everyday essential

Been wearing it almost every day since I got it. The black color is elegant and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. The fit is perfect snug but not too tight.

Top-notch quality

The quality is top-notch the material feels durable and it holds its shape well. The beige color is a nice neutral that works with a lot of my outfits.

Fast ship idk if it gonna work let’s see

Great for Transitioning

Doctor here. It's been the perfect tool for transitioning from bottles to regular cups. The soft spout is gentle on gums and helps prevent spills.

Impressed me with durability

Even after countless drops and bumps, this kids cup remains as good as new. The sturdy construction is truly impressive. + Goodbye to messy situations from the previous cups that i used!

Cute cup!

I'm proud to provide my child with a sustainable hydration solution in the form of this wonderful kids cup. He has 2 of them now!

Customized Convenience

The stylish design of this kids cup makes it a hit with my little one. They love the fun, colorful patterns and can't wait to show it off to their friends.

Versatile Vessel

Meals and snacks are so much easier with this kids cup. The leak-proof seal ensures that everything stays where it should in the cup, not on the floor! LOL

Stylish and Practical

This kids cup has withstood the test of time (and my kids' rough handling). It's held up remarkably well, with no signs of wear and tear.

TruHeight® Toddler Cup
James Washington
Only good things

Nice color, no plastic odor, and very cost-efficient. Delivery was also done fast and the customer service team answered all of my payment-related questions. The Kids Cup is a hit in our household.

TruHeight® Toddler Cup
Madison Hernandez

Makes TruHeight shakes even more enjoyable. I started trying some recipes with the TruHeight Kids Protein Shake and put it in this cup which makes serving it to my 7 year old very convenient and mess-free.

Impressed parent

Impressed with the quality. My 2 children use it every day for their TruHeight shake.

Thanks, TH Kids

WOuld recommend this one. This kids cup has become an huge part of our daily routine, thanks to its reliable leak-proof design.

TruHeight® Toddler Cup
Grace Mitchell

This kids cup is so versatile we use it for water, juice, and even smoothies. It's become an indispensable part of our daily routine.

TruHeight® Growth Gummy
Darla Stockton Roden
Worth a try

Kiddo is giving these gummies a try. It looks like the best product available, so we will be watching for results.

Hey Darla,

Our grape flavor is defintely a must-try. Glad your child likes these gummies.

First month

My 12 year old is loving the shakes. We cant wait to try Chocolate next month.

Thanks for the feedback, Ariane! Glad to know that your child loves the protein shakes.

TruHeight® Hat
Dayvin S.
Super comfy all day

Its really comfy, even when I weer it all day. The material feels high quality,, so I know its going to last. Rally happy with it.

Perfect for Little Hands

This cup is the perfect size for my toddlers hands. The non-slip grip makes it easy for them to hold without spilling.

Love it

I love these gummies. My daughter has been sleeping better and waking up in a better mood. The flavor is also perfect. Love it

Unique graphics

The graphics on this shirt are super cool. The design is unique and really makes the shirt stand out. The quality is top-notch as well. Doesn't fade easily. Washed it a hundred times, but still looks good as new.

Durable and Fun

My child loves the color, and I love how durable the cup is. It has survived countless drops without a scratch.

Helps with Independence

My little one loves feeling grown-up by using this cup on their own! :D Its boosted their confidence at meal times.

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