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  • Tasty, Convenient, & All Natural
    Nutrition for Kids & Toddlers

  • Tasty, Convenient, & All Natural
    Nutrition for Kids & Toddlers

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Tasty, Convenient, & All Natural
Nutrition for Kids & Toddlers

Additional 25% OFF sitewide | code: 25% OFF sitewide | code: XMASINJULY

Your Kid's Growth Essentials

All the key nutrients your child needs for healthy growth.


Gluten, Major Allergens Free and no artificial sweeteners

No Artificial Colorants

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suffer from nutritional deficiencies globally.
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of children

aged 4-9 years experience sleep-related difficulties.
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Around 60%

of adult bone and muscle mass are acquired during the younger years, making childhood bone and muscle health very crucial.
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TruHeight® Takes on Growth and Nutritional Challenges

Empowering Kids to Reach Their Full Growth Potential with a Holistic Approach






While DNA largely sets the stage for a child's height, their growth can be limited by poor nutrition or an unbalanced diet. To help your child reach their full height potential, focus on providing a well-rounded diet that meets all their nutritional needs.


To support your child's growth, we focus on a well-rounded diet that combines both micro and macro nutrients with the right amount of protein. This ensures the body gets the vital elements it needs for bone development, such as Calcium and Vitamin D, which are needed for achieving a taller and healthier growth.


A child's genes might mean their body doesn't make enough growth hormones.

These hormones come from a part of the brain called the pituitary gland.


Our supplement supports healthy growth by including organic, grass-fed whole milk powder.

This natural source is rich in nutrients that help balance hormones, necessary for development and growth.


Adequate nutrition supports toddlers' cognitive development, enhancing learning abilities and memory function.

Essential nutrients like iron and zinc play a pivotal role in brain development, affecting cognitive skills and emotional regulation during these critical early years.


Our supplement ensures cognitive development and effective oxygen transport by supporting sufficient iron levels.

We enhance immune defense and improve iron absorption through Vitamin C, while our focus on Zinc aids in both growth and immune function.


Not getting enough exercise can affect a child's health, making it harder for them to grow and develop as they should.

Keeping them active is key to building their muscle strength, improving coordination, and ensuring they grow in healthy ways.


Our supplements are fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium, crucial for building strong bones and muscles.
We target the foundational aspects of physical growth, ensuring they have the strength to explore, learn, and grow with confidence.


Understanding that not getting enough sleep consistently can significantly affect a toddler's growth. This is because growth hormone, essential for development, is primarily released during sleep.

A lack of sufficient sleep may lead to reduced production of this hormone.


Our Bone Growth Gummy, contains Magnesium, helps your toddler relax.

This works by calming the brain and reducing stress hormones, making it easier for them to sleep well and support healthy growth.

Every Kid's Best Start!

Each Product is a unique formula designed to inspire healthy growth.

Our holistic approach is dedicated to nourishing their development, fostering potential, and empowering them to become their best self.


Kids and Parents Love
TruHeight® Kids

Healthy Growth

Our child's development is thriving, thanks to this product. It's a nutrition-packed choice that every parent should consider.

Lisa W.
Game-Changer for My Child

My child's growth was a concern for me, and this product has been a game-changer. Highly recommended for parents.

Sophia H.
Packed with essential nutrients

Our toddler loves the taste, and we love that they're getting a powerful blend of essential nutrients in every serving. It's a win-win

 Cindy M.
Gives me Peace of Mind

It's packed with nutrition, ensuring my child gets the best start in life. As a parent, that's priceless. I couldn't be happier with this choice.

 Emily R.
My toddler loves it!

I've always been cautious about what I feed my child. Our child's pediatrician recommended it, and we're seeing the results firsthand. It's truly remarkable.

Jennifer A.

Pediatrician Recommended

"TruHeight® Kids products address young kids' health and growth holistically, with focuses on bone growth and cognitive development alike. I appreciate how their products are clean and packed with nutrients that are fundamental to the development and growth of toddlers. As a pediatrician, I've recommended TruHeight® products to my patients and seen firsthand the positive impact their products can have on a child's overall well-being. TruHeight® truly stands out in its commitment to holistic growth."

Dr. Milobsky
Board Certified Pediatrician

TruHeight Pediatrician Recommended - Dr. Milobsky Board Certified Pediatrician

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