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“Healthy Growth
Begins Here”

We started TruHeight® as a way to bring comprehensive and convenient nutrition to kids
and teens who want to grow to their full height potential.

Max height Max height

Astoundingly, 70% of U.S. adolescents are lacking
nutrients essential to bone growth. At TruHeight®,
we are on a mission to provide these nutrients while
also educating the lifestyle and practices needed to
grow tall and healthy.

Your Growth,
Our Purpose

We believe that when you take charge of your health and your growth, you also grow in
other ways: inner strength , and in feeling more empowered to help others around you grow too.

Our Journey,
Your Milestones

The Origin,
Growth Capsules

In 2019, our shared commitment sparked the creation of TruHeight®, with our inaugural offering being the TruHeight® Growth Capsule.

This marked the birth of a brand dedicated to providing comprehensive and convenient solutions for those aiming to unlock their full height potential*

Growth Gummies

In April 2022, we introduced TruHeight® Growth Gummies, delicious gummies based on your insights, making it even easier to incorporate TruHeight® into your daily routine.

Protein Shake

In August 2022, we introduced the TruHeight® Growth Protein Shake, which comes in delicious Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Crafted to address nutritional gaps, it helps overcome weight deficiencies and supports natural height growth*

Sleep Gummies

In another milestone in August 2022, we expanded our product line to include TruHeight® Sleep Gummies.

Designed to enrich your growth journey holistically, these gummies promote optimal sleep, an essential element in stimulating the natural growth hormone*

Kids Essentials

In 2023, we're taking a significant step forward by introducing a specialized Kid's line, ensuring that your family grows with TruHeight® from an early age.

Trusted by Experts

We take great pride in the trust we've earned from experts who recommend
our products to support the growth and development of children and teenagers.

Dr. Milobsky

Board Certified Pediatrician

“TruHeight® offers a unique approach to supporting children and
teens in their growth journey. I appreciate how they prioritize
nutrition, sleep, stress management, hormonal balance, and
immunity, all of which are critical factors for healthy development.

As a pediatrician, i've seen firsthand the positive impact their
products can have on a child's overall well-being. TruHeight® truly
stands out in its commitment to holistic growth.”

Kirsten Brooks

The Brain Health Nutritionist
BSc (Hons) DN Med (Dist) mBANT CNHC

“TruHeight® provides a unique health supplement with proven benefits.
I can confidently say that TruHeight® stands out because of its superior
formulations, packed with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals
essential for healthy growth. It's the brand I trust and confidently
recommend to other parents seeking a comprehensive solution for their
children's height development. I ensure my own sons take it and have
personally witnessed and been impressed by the results. ”

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to nurturing your growth journey with top-tier products
and the highest standards of quality.

Our products are crafted using only
the purest natural ingredients,
promoting a holistic approach to
your growth journey.

Rigorous laboratory testing ensures the
safety and effectiveness or our
products, providing you with trsuted
solutions for growth.

Our products are free from any
detrimental substances, prioritizing
your well-being.

Our products undergo third-party
testing to ensure quality and
authencity, giving you peace of mind.

Our Cause

TruHeight's Anti-Bullying

We believe in standing up
to make a difference.

We're on a mission to reduce bullying and provide resources for those who want to
combat it. Through our 1-for-1 grant program with Stopbullying.gov, your purchase on
truheightvitamins.com helps provide essential vitamins to children in need,
contributing to the fight against bullying.

TruHeight's Autism Speaks Movement

We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of autistic individuals.

We're on a mission to help bridge the nutritional gap experienced by many children on the
autistic spectrum. Through our partnership with Autism Speaks, your TruHeight purchase
contributes to provide essential nutrition, research initiatives, and programs dedicated to
enhancing the well-being of individuals with autism and their families.

Ready to Grow with Us
and Make a Difference?

Join us on this journey toward
new heights!