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70% of

are lacking nutrients
essential to
bone growth.
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height loss

can be caused by poor
nutrition in schools.
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of height

can be attributed to
environmental factors,
mainly nutrition.
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We are dedicated to helping kids and teens reach their maximum height potential
naturally through our comprehensive and holistic approach.

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Over 1 Million Growing with TruHeight®

Since taking TruHeight, I have grown 4 inches, moved into a size 14 shoe and gained muscle mass 💪 @ 13 1/2 years old. I got my first dunk in a basketball game. My last name is “Hite” so of course, I’m taking TruHeight 💪🗣 Let’s GROW

Zion Hite

My son grew an inch tall in less than a month. This product is amazing


My son's been on TruHeight growth protein shake for a few months now. He's more energetic and confident, and even his pediatrician noticed his consistent growth. So much happy with the results. Will definitely recommend.

Annette Sorenson

Never thought I'd try height supplements, but here I am. Started with sleep gummies due to sleeping issues. Noticed a difference in 6 months, so I got the full kit. Coach noticed increased focus during practice. Even my sister says I look taller!

Tanner Fields

I used to be the shortest in class, but TruHeight Gummies changed that. Since starting them after seeing an ad on IG, I've grown a bit taller, gained more energy, and no longer have to lead the line all the time. Perfect for my dance classes!

Juniper Ellis

My daughter is a picky eater, so we tried the Max Height Kit. After three months, her height and eating habits have improved. She is liking her gummies and shake so i'm just happy with the outcome!

Sienna Thorne

Trusted by Experts

We take great pride in the trust we've earned from experts who recommend
our products to support the growth and development of children and teenagers.

Dr. Milobsky

Dr. Milobsky

Board Certified Pediatrician
TruHeight Ambassador

“TruHeight® offers a unique approach to supporting children and
teens in their growth journey. I appreciate how they prioritize
nutrition, sleep, stress management, hormonal balance, and
immunity, all of which are critical factors for healthy development.

As a pediatrician, i've seen firsthand the positive impact their
products can have on a child's overall well-being. TruHeight® truly
stands out in its commitment to holistic growth.”

Kirsten Brooks

Kirsten Brooks

The Brain Health Nutritionist
BSc (Hons) DN Med (Dist) mBANT CNHC
TruHeight Ambassador

“TruHeight® provides a unique health supplement with proven benefits.
I can confidently say that TruHeight® stands out because of its superior
formulations, packed with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals
essential for healthy growth. It's the brand I trust and confidently
recommend to other parents seeking a comprehensive solution for their
children's height development. I ensure my own sons take it and have
personally witnessed and been impressed by the results. ”


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