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Happy Mom and Toddler

6 Wonderful Things Parents Are Doing to Raise Smart Kids

Written by: Dayvin Malifer



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If you love gardening, you’ll love this analogy: raising a child is like nurturing a tiny seed into a flourishing tree. It's about providing the right environment, care, and love that allows them to grow, thrive, and eventually bear their own unique fruits.

As parents, we all want to see our children’s seeds succeed (word play!) and blossom to become the best versions of themselves.

There’s this popular study, “Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth,” the longest-running study of gifted children, that found out that early-stage intelligence in kids plays a significant role in achieving success later in their lives. The study observed that little children who tested in the top-level percent of intelligence were more likely to become eminent scientists, academics, CEOs, and other successful adults.

Of course, who wouldn’t want their kids to be CEO’s and scientists?

A Simple Guide You Want to Raise Smart Kids

1. Engage in 'Smart' Play

Playtime should be more than fun and games, a “hitting two birds with one stone” activity. Support their learning journey with effective playtime strategies using different child-friendly toys and encourage activities like building blocks, which not only improve motor skills but also enhance spatial reasoning. Making them do simple math, look for an object in the picture, or answer riddles can teach problem-solving, while pretend-playing.

Toddler playing

2. Read, Read, Read

Immerse your child in the world of books. Reading to your toddler is a gateway to new vocabulary, concepts, and imagination. It's never too early to start with simple picture books, and as they grow, you can introduce more complex stories that stimulate more imagination and curiosity.

Child reading in bed

3. Healthy Eating Habits

To raise smart kids, always think that a well-nourished brain is a well-functioning brain. Introduce a variety of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, nuts, and seeds, which are known to support cognitive health. Colorful fruits and vegetables are not only visually appealing but packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Adding a good bottle of those brain growth booster vitamins can also do wonders for their minds.

Toddler eating cereal

4. Encourage Curiosity

When your toddler asks, "Why is the sky blue?" or "Where do birds go at night?" they're ready to learn. With enthusiasm and patience, please answer their questions, and if you don't know, discover the answers together. This shows that learning is a lifelong adventure and you’re there with them every step of the way!

Little Gardener Helping His Mom

5. Get Them Outside

While technology is a huge tool to raise smart kids, nothing beats real-world experiences. Set boundaries on screen time and instead encourage outdoor play where they can see animals, nature, and other children. Nature walks, playground visits, arranged playdates, and even gardening can teach your child about the people and the world around them.

Cute toddler, child with mom hiking, exploring nature.

6. Accept Their Mistakes

Don’t be too hard on them. If they make mistakes, show to them that it is an opportunity to do better next time. Cheer on them no matter how many times they do something wrong. A balance of softness and discipline can help toddlers become aware that if they just keep trying, any goal can be achieved.

mom hugging crying daughter

Additional Reminder to Successfully Raise Smart Kids

Many parents aim to nurture and raise smart kids who excel academically, believing this leads to success. However, success can also be measured by the compassion and kindness one shows towards others. Acts of service, understanding, and generosity are just as significant, allowing children to become influential in unique ways.

The path they choose in education is crucial, but also teaching them how to be emphatic and kind can fully shape them into diverse achievers.

By balancing academic achievements with these human virtues, children can become well-rounded individuals. They learn that success isn’t solely measured by their grades or job titles, but also by the positive impact they have on the lives of others. This holistic approach to raising children can lead them to become influential in unique ways, shaping a world where intelligence is complemented by kindness and where success includes making a meaningful difference.


Remember, every child is unique, and intelligence comes in many forms. Accommodate their curiosities, whether they're building a tower higher than ever before or simply curious about the moon. Your love and support are the most powerful tools in raising a smart, happy, and successful individual.

In fostering a bright future for toddlers, it is essential to blend interactive games where they can learn something, set limits on screen time, and encourage real-world experiences. Healthy eating habits and curiosity are also pivotal in nurturing a young brain that’s soon ready to explore, understand and take over the world!

TruHeight®️ Toddler is here to cheer you on while you form a strong framework to raise smart children who will soon become well-rounded, intelligent individuals you will be proud of.


What games and activities can help raise smart kids?

In the modern age of parenting, whether you’re exploring storytelling games, building blocks, drawing, crafting, or sorting and classifying activities, online games can be your reliable tool for making learning amazing and fun.

How can my child take an IQ Test?

To have your child take an IQ test, you can find online resources that offer tests specifically designed for children. These tests are created to measure various aspects of intelligence, such as problem-solving and pattern recognition, in a way that’s suitable for kids.

How can my child become both smart and strong?

When toddlers engage in activities that challenge them both mentally and physically, they’re building a foundation for a well-rounded development. With a great vitamin that boosts both strength and thinking skills, you’re ensuring they’re getting the right nutrients to excel in every hop, skip, and puzzle they tackle.

Strength can play a role in learning and it’s great to see toddlers do well in both mental and physical activities. You can count on TruHeight Brain and Bone Kit to support their brain and bone growth!