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Collagen - TruHeight

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Did you know that TruHeight Capsules contain collagen?

They do, and it's not just any old collagen, either. It's Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2, which is the highest quality form of this vital protein your body needs to promote healthy growth.

Here’s what you need to know about the connection between Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2 and height increasement. 

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What is Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, existing in connective tissue such as skin, hair, nails, bones, lungs, heart, and liver. Collagen plays a vital role in the height development and prevention of joint and bone issues.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2 is known as a fibrillar protein, made up of 3 long chains of amino acids that create a tightly packed network of fibers and fibrils. It is the major component of cartilage in the body that plays a vital role in developing and preserving the skeletal system. 

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How Does Collagen Affect Height Growth?

Type 2 collagen is fibrous and intertwined, creating a dense and strong network for calcium and other minerals to adhere to, helping to form a strong skeleton, supporting height growth.

Collagen is also known as the most common structural protein in the body. Protein is the building block of the body, that’s why collagen plays a vital role when it comes to height growth. As we age, the loss of collagen makes our muscles and skin wear very thin.

Moreover, our bones lose density and ligaments become weak. That’s why restoring collagen is a must to gather new cartilage and maintain healthy bone formation.

Additional Health Benefits of Collagen

Glowing Skin
Bone loss
Muscle Mass
Heart Health

Hydrolyzed collagen type 2 has 10-20 times higher levels of amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline than normal proteins, helping to provide an abundant source of nutrients for the bone and joint system.

  • May improve skin health

  • May relieve joint pain

  • May prevent bone loss

  • May boost muscle mass

  • May promote heart health

Collagen supplements may have other health benefits, but these haven’t been studied extensively, including:
  • Hair and nails. Collagen may increase the strength of your nails by preventing brittleness. 
  • Gut health. Although no scientific evidence supports this claim, some health practitioners assert that collagen supplements can treat leaky gut syndrome, also called intestinal permeability.
  • Brain health. Some people claim that they improve mood and reduce anxiety symptoms.
Hair and Nail, Gut Health and Brain Health

Hydrolyzed collagen type II is commonly recognized as being an important ingredient with many health benefits, especially for height growth. Since it’s already broken down, your body easily absorbs it to acquire a positive effect on your height. And by adding this essential protein to your daily diet, you get lots of health benefits as well.

When taken daily, along with a balanced diet, good sleep patterns, and an exercise routine - each day will be another step towards your natural growth.

Sleep Gummies: 

Quality sleep is the secret ingredient to height optimization. TruHeight Sleep Gummies, infused with melatonin, are your ticket to restorative rest. These gummies help regulate your sleep cycle, ensuring you get the deep, uninterrupted sleep needed for growth. With TruHeight Sleep Gummies, you're creating the ideal environment for height enhancement during the night. Wake up refreshed and ready to stand taller with confidence.

Growth Gummies: 


TruHeight Growth Gummies are the delicious secret to your height optimization journey. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these gummies are designed to support healthy growth during crucial developmental stages. With every bite, you're giving your body the nutrients it needs to reach its full height potential. Embrace a tasty way to grow taller and stand tall with confidence.

Growth Capsules: 

For a more concentrated boost, TruHeight Cápsulas de Crecimiento are the ideal choice. Formulated with a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, these capsules provide your body with the necessary fuel for optimal growth. It's a convenient and effective way to supplement your height optimization journey. Elevate your growth potential and watch as you rise to new heights with TruHeight Cápsulas de Crecimiento.

Protein Shake: 

Protein is the foundation of growth and repair, and TruHeight Protein Shake is here to ensure you're getting the right amount. Designed as a fundamental building block for height development, this shake offers a convenient way to supplement your protein intake. Strengthen your body, support muscle growth, and lay a strong foundation for height enhancement with TruHeight Protein Shake.

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Does TruHeight have any side effects?

We're happy to let you know that we haven't received any reports of negative side effects from TruHeight since we began our company. It's always important to listen to your body and if you have any concerns, please consult with your doctor. We strive to provide safe and effective products for our customers, and we're always here to help if you have any further questions or concerns.

Does TruHeight contain any stimulants, HGH, or steroids?

No, all of Truheight's products are natural blends of herbs and vitamins.

How long does it take to see results?

TruHeight is designed to support healthy bone growth and development over time with consistent use. The results may vary from person to person, and it may take some time to see noticeable changes in height. We recommend taking the suggested dosage of TruHeight supplements daily, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, for at least 6 months to a year to achieve the best results. It's important to note that TruHeight is not a magic solution for height growth, but rather a natural and safe way to support healthy growth and development.

Is TruHeight FDA Approved?

The FDA regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs, not supplements. That said, our natural, 100% drug-free supplements are manufactured in the USA in a facility that adheres to the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and uses Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to ensure its safety.