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Moms Playing With Their Baby at Home

Enhancing Growth and Learning with Effective Playtime Strategies

Written by: Christian Kent Aguillon



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There's no denying our kids' joy and excitement when they play. It's how they explore the world, learn about themselves, and connect with others. Whether they’re playing with someone or not, it’s always a part of their daily routine. In fact, play is actually your kid's full-time job! It's as important for their growth as those green veggies on their plate, bedtime stories, and getting those snoozes right in time. 

Let’s say, when your kiddo gets into playing, they have the whole world around them. They enter like this limitless circus of imagination with no rules on how to do it. It might be squelching mashed potatoes between their tiny fingers, diving into those tiny screens, or perhaps fitting puzzle pieces together. And the best part? They’re brimming with these curiosities, developing their skills and gaining knowledge, all while just having fun!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has shed some light on this, and I'm here to break it down bit by bit, just for you. In this blog, we'll explore the core of these findings, showing how you as parents can harness the power of play to foster healthier, happier futures for our children!

Happy Toddler in a Swing Pushed by Mom Outdoors

How play helps children's development

Play is more than just fun for kids; it's essential for their development. While they're playing, they're learning how to interact with the world, develop critical thinking, and express their creativity. It's a natural and important part of growing up, helping them build a solid foundation for emotional and social skills.

Think about it. When they're building that epic Lego castle or playing dress-up, they're not just playing. They're learning how to solve problems. It's like they’re saying "How do I make this tower taller without it toppling over?". It's through these fun activities that they start understanding the world around them. They're very curious, testing out ideas and learning from them. And all this playtime? It's setting them up with some awesome emotional and social skills that they're going to use for the rest of their lives.

So, next time you see them deep in play, just think of all the incredible learning that's happening right there!

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Nursery Playtime
Happy Baby

Benefits of playful learning at different ages

Guess what? Learning really takes off when it's powered by something special your kiddo already has - a natural love for play!

As we tackled earlier, the experts at the AAP are totally on board with this too! They encourage us parents to make play a big part of our daily routine. It's not just about having a good time, it's about helping our little ones grow healthy and hit those big kid milestones. Here's how we can start:

From Birth to 6 Months:

cute toddler
toddler playing with toys
  • Smile Back, please!: When your little one flashes that first grin, smile back! It’s not just cute, it’s their way of learning a big lesson, your attention and smiles are just a giggle away!

  • Babble and Chat: Imitate those adorable coos and babbles. Having a little conversation is very important for their social language skills.

  • Explore with Toys: Brightly colored toys are fantastic! Let them explore these and other safe objects with their mouth – it’s all about discovering new textures.

From 7 to 12 Months:

crawling toddler
12 month old toddler
  • Safe Spaces to Crawl: Make sure they’ve got a cozy and safe spot to start their crawling adventures.

  • Learning Cause and Effect: Dropping toys and watching what happens is actually a big learning moment for them. It’s all about seeing the effects of their actions.

  • Mirror Fun: Show them their different facial expressions in the mirror. It's quite a revelation for them!

  • Sensory Rich Play: Get them outside, let them feel the grass, chasing bubbles. These sensory experiences are important for their visual improvement.

From 1 to 3 Years:

toddler playing outside
toddler playing with toys
  • The Power of Play: When choosing childcare or preschool, go for places that let kids lead their playtime. It’s all about following their curiosity.

  • Simple Toys, Big Imagination: Blocks, spoons, puzzles – these simple things can spark so much creativity. And remember, your attention means more than the fanciest toy.

  • Playdates for Social Skills: Now’s a good time to try those playdates! It’s about learning to play and interact with others.

  • Move and Groove: Encourage them to walk, jump, and balance. It’s fun and great for their development.

Exploring Different Play Styles: Variety is Key!

Exploratory Toy Play

Actively Fun!

Adventurous Outdoor Exploration

Imagining and Role-Playing Worlds

Exploratory Toy Play

Like we mentioned earlier, playing Legos or any objects are visually educating. They're not just playing; they're exploring with all their senses, figuring out what each object does, and even conducting little 'experiments'! When they drop a toy on the floor, they're learning about sound and solidity. As they grow, toys become more than just objects; they turn into symbols for imaginative play.

Girl playing legos

Actively Fun!

Physical activities, like the good old recess fun, are super important. They help kiddos develop motor skills, keep them fit, and even boost emotional intelligence. That little rush they get from whooshing down a slide? It's them building confidence and learning to take safe risks. Games like tag and duck-duck-goose are great for teaching empathy and careful interaction – they learn the importance of gentle taps and being kind.

Toddlers playing

Adventurous Outdoor Exploration

Getting outside is a big deal! It's where children can really use all their senses, develop spatial awareness, and even improve their attention span. Did you know that kids in countries with more recess time often do better in school as they grow up? So let's champion for more recess and safe playgrounds. Plus, playing outside gets them caring about nature and understanding the big picture of environmental care.

Little Toddler Playing outside

Imagining and Role-Playing Worlds

This is where little imaginations soar! By dressing up and diving into make-believe worlds, children try out different social roles and learn to play well with others. It's not just fun; it's a critical part of developing negotiation skills, communication, and language. When they assign roles like "You're the captain, and I'm the first mate”, they're actually practicing complex social interactions and boosting their creative thinking.

toddler girl plays science experiments

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As our playtime comes to an end…

When your child is playing, they're not just having a good time, they're also building critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong foundation for emotional and social development. 

So, the next time you see them deeply immersed in play, appreciate the incredible learning journey that's happening right before your eyes. And hey, consider incorporating our TruHeight Toddler Brain and Bone Growth Gummies into their routine to support their brain, memory, focus, and bone health!

In the end, as moms, dads, and supporters of play, let's keep encouraging and enjoying playtime with our kids. This helps our children become happy and healthy individuals. Here's to the fun adventures of being a parent and watching our kids grow and shine!